Our Recommendation For The Best Apps For Beer Lovers



Untappd: Connect with fellow beer enthusiasts, discover, rate, & share brews while earning rewards.


Happy Hour Finder

Happy Hour Finder: Locate nearby across the US, providing details on timing, distance,& available deals.



Taphunter: Explore new watering holes effortlessly with this app tailored for beer lovers.


BJCP Styles

BJCP Styles: Access a beer style guide, providing essential knowledge for enthusiasts.


Rate Beer

Rate Beer: Dive into Beer 101 with top-notch information catering to craft beer community's.


Beer Buddy

Beer Buddy: Navigate the world of beer, locating your favorites wherever you go.



Drizly: Enjoy convenient delivery of your preferred drinks, ideal for seasoned beer & liquor aficionados.


Any Beer ABV

Any Beer ABV: Discover your perfect beer among thousands of alcohol by volume entries.



BreweryMap: Embark on brewery adventures with ease, uncovering the best spots in town.


Rockport logo

Beer?!: Coordinate meetups with friends effortlessly using this beer-centric messaging app.

Welcome to a world where the love for beer meets the convenience of technology! Dive into the realm of hops, malts, and endless flavor profiles with our curated selection of the best apps for beer lovers. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to explore the vast landscape of craft brews, these apps offer a treasure trove of information, recommendations, and community engagement to enhance your beer-drinking experience.

From discovering new breweries and brews to tracking your tasting notes and exploring beer-related events, these apps cater to every aspect of the beer enthusiast's journey. Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, share your favorite finds, and expand your knowledge as you embark on a quest to savor the finest beers from around the globe. Whether you're seeking a crisp IPA, a rich stout, or a refreshing pilsner, let these apps be your guide as you embark on a delicious adventure in the world of beer. Cheers to great taste and great tech!

Our Best Apps For Beer Lovers :

  • Untappd: Discover, Sip, and Share—Cheers to New Brews!
  • Happy Hour Finder: Find Your Hoppy Place! 
  • Taphunter: Taste the Adventure, Tap by Tap.
  • BJCP Styles: Craft Your Taste, Embrace the Styles.
  • Rate Beer: Rate, Sip, Repeat: Taste the Excellence.
  • Beer Buddy: Your Brew Companion Everywhere.
  • Drizly: Delivered Cheers, On Demand.
  • Any Beer ABV: Know Your Brew's Power, Sip Responsibly
  • BreweryMap: Explore, Sip, Discover: Brewery Adventures Await.
  • Beer?!: Unlock the Flavorful Mystery Within Every Sip.

Our Review Process For The Best Apps For Beer Lovers:

Sure, here's a step-by-step review process for finding the best apps for beer lovers:

  1. Identify Criteria: Start by determining what makes a great beer app. Consider factors like user interface, database of beers, ratings and reviews, features such as beer recommendations or brewery locator, and whether it's available on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web).
  2. Research: Use search engines, app stores, and beer enthusiast forums to find popular beer apps. Make a list of potential candidates based on user reviews, ratings, and features.

  3. Initial Screening: Go through the list and eliminate any apps that don't meet your basic criteria or have poor ratings. This will narrow down your options to a more manageable number.

  4. Download and Installation: Install the remaining apps on your device(s). Note any issues during the installation process, such as long download times or compatibility problems.

  5. First Impression: Open each app and take note of its user interface, design, and overall user experience. Is it intuitive to navigate? Are the fonts and colors easy to read? Does it feel polished and professional?

  6. Explore Features: Spend some time exploring the features of each app. Look for features like beer search, beer recommendations, brewery locator, beer ratings and reviews, social sharing options, and any other features that would enhance the user experience.

  7. Database Quality: Check the quality and completeness of each app's beer database. Are popular beers included? Are there detailed descriptions and photos for each beer? Is the database regularly updated with new beers?

  8. User Engagement: Consider how each app encourages user engagement. Does it allow users to rate and review beers? Are there features for sharing beer experiences with friends or on social media? Is there a community aspect, such as forums or groups?

  9. Performance: Test the performance of each app. Pay attention to factors like speed, responsiveness, and stability. Are there any bugs or crashes? Does the app drain your device's battery quickly?

By following these steps, you can systematically evaluate and choose the best apps for beer lovers that offer the features and user experience you're looking for.

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